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Wholesale - Dealer Six Pack of SmartFree Quattro Global SIM Cards
Wholesale - Dealer Six Pack of SmartFree Quattro Global SIM Cards
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: Dealer_SmartFree44
    Price: $149.99
    Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds

    SmartFree Quattro International SIM Card:
    Wholesale - Dealer Six Pack of SmartFree Quattro Worldwide SIM Cards with USA based access numbers

    Business Slow? Looking for a way to earn extra money? Offer global SIM cards to your customers. Do you sell unlocked GSM phones or work in the travel industry? Your customers that travel overseas will love the SmartFree Quattro SIM which boasts an expanded country list for free incoming calls, a UK based number (along with a USA access number or dedicated USA based number) and many new countries served.

    Recent changes in the global SIM card industry allow us to offer new dealers and other distributors one of the best worldwide SIM cards available at a significant discount over our already low retail rates (Retail value of this package is over $300). International prepaid cellular service you can resell to your customers, dealers and subagents from the oldest source of Global SIM cards, InTouch Smartcards.  

    With the new improved SmartFree Quattro SIM outbound calls debit at just 0.39 Euro per minute for calls locally, to the USA and to most other countries. The SmartFree Quattro Global SIM card only needs to be reloaded once every 9 months to remain active.

    The SmartFree Quattro International SIM Card Offers:
    • Outsource your international SIM customer service by providing this complete solution to your customers
    • Cards shipped complete with generic web-based product printouts
    • Use these SIMs to help you complete a package of a global SIM card and unlocked GSM phone
    • Keep Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, customers happy with an inexpensive, reliable solution for when they travel overseas
    • Optional USA based SmartForward telephone number available (adds 49 US Cents per minute)
    • Auto reload feature available
    • FREE incoming calls in many countries
    • SMS debits  0.49 Euro from your prepaid balance
    • U.S. toll free numbers available (click for details)
    • Additional minutes can be added automatically via the auto reload feature from InTouch Smartcards

    Rates For The SmartFree Quattro International SIM Card:

    • Rates are in Euros
    • SMS debits  0.49 Euro from your prepaid balance
    • Calling cell phone/mobile phone incurs a  0.10 Euro surcharge per minute
    • Calls debit from account balance at rates below
    • European VAT and currency conversion fees are included in purchase price

    For the few countries in Area B and its rates please scroll down

    Country You Are in:

    Incoming Calls 
    (Received calls)
    Outgoing Calls to Area A
    (Calls made)
    Afghanistan  1.50  1.99
    Algeria FREE  0.59
    Anguilla FREE  0.59
    Antigua & Barbuda  1.00  1.99
    Argentina  1.50  1.99
    Armenia FREE  0.59
    Aruba FREE  0.59
    Australia FREE  0.39
    Austria FREE  0.39
    Azerbaijan  0.50  1.29
    Bahamas  2.00  1.99
    Bahrain FREE  0.39
    Bangladesh FREE  0.39
    Barbados FREE  0.59
    Belgium FREE  0.39
    Bermuda  2.00  1.99
    Bonaire FREE  0.39
    Bosnia Herzegovina  0.25  0.39
    Botswana FREE  0.59
    Brazil FREE  0.59
    British Virgin Islands  0.25  0.59
    Bulgaria  0.35  0.59
    Cambodia  0.50  0.79
    Canada  1.50  1.99
    Cayman Islands FREE  0.59
    Chile FREE  0.59
    China  1.50  1.29
    Colombia  1.50  1.99
    Cote Divoire FREE  0.59
    Cuba  2.00  1.99
    Curacao FREE  0.39
    Cyprus FREE  0.39
    Czech Republic FREE  0.39
    Denmark FREE  0.39
    Dominican Republic  1.25  1.29
    Egypt FREE  0.39
    El Salvador  0.25  0.39
    Estonia  0.25  0.59
    Faeroe Islands FREE  0.39
    Fiji  0.25  0.59
    Finland FREE  0.39
    France FREE  0.39
    French West Indies  1.00  1.29
    Gambia  0.25  0.79
    Georgia FREE  0.39
    Germany FREE  0.39
    Gibraltar  0.35  0.79
    Greece FREE  0.39
    Greenland  1.50  1.29
    Grenada  0.25  0.59
    Guadeloupe  1.00  1.29
    Guernsey FREE  0.39
    Haiti  0.25  0.59
    Hong Kong  0.50  1.29
    Hungary FREE  0.39
    Iceland FREE  0.59
    India  3.00  2.99
    Indonesia  0.50  0.79
    Iran  0.25  0.59
    Iraq FREE  0.59
    Ireland FREE 0.39
    Israel FREE  0.39
    Israel-Palestine FREE  0.59
    Italy FREE  0.39
    Jamaica FREE  0.59
    Japan FREE  0.39
    Jersey FREE  0.59
    Kazakhstan  1.00  1.29
    Kenya FREE  0.39
    Korea South FREE  0.39
    Kuwait  0.50  0.79
    Latvia FREE  0.39
    Lebanon FREE  0.59
    Liechtenstein  0.50  1.29
    Lithuania FREE  0.59
    Luxembourg FREE  0.39
    Macau  0.50  1.29
    Madagascar  1.25  0.59
    Malaysia  0.50  0.79
    Malta FREE  0.59
    Mauritius  0.25  0.59
    Mexico  1.75  1.99
    Montenegro FREE  0.39
    Montserrat FREE  0.39
    Morocco  0.25  0.59
    Mozambique  0.50  0.59
    Namibia  0.25  0.59
    Nepal  1.00  1.29
    Netherlands FREE  0.39
    New Zealand  0.25  0.59
    Niger FREE  0.59
    Nigeria FREE  0.39
    Norway FREE  0.39
    Oman FREE  0.39
    Pakistan  0.50  0.79
    Palestine FREE  0.59
    Panama  1.50  1.99
    Papua New Guinea  1.00  1.99
    Paraguay  1.00  1.99
    Peru  1.25  1.99
    Philippines  0.50  1.29
    Poland FREE  0.39
    Portugal FREE  0.39
    Qatar FREE  0.59
    Romania FREE  0.39
    Russia  0.75  1.29
    Samoa  0.50  1.29
    San Marino FREE  0.59
    Saudi Arabia FREE  0.59
    Serbia  0.25  0.39
    Seychelles FREE  0.39
    Sierra Leone  0.50  0.59
    Singapore  0.30  0.79
    Slovakia FREE  0.39
    Slovenia  0.15  0.59
    South Africa FREE  0.39
    Spain FREE  0.39
    Sri Lanka  0.75  1.29
    St. Barthelemy FREE  0.59
    St. Kitts  1.25  0.59
    St. Lucia FREE  0.59
    St. Martin FREE  0.59
    St. Vincent/Grenada  0.25  1.29
    Suriname FREE  0.59
    Sweden FREE  0.39
    Switzerland FREE  0.59
    Taiwan  0.50  1.29
    Tajikistan  0.50  1.29
    Tanzania FREE  0.39
    Thailand  1.25  1.29
    Tonga Islands  0.50  0.79
    Trinidad & Tobago FREE  0.59
    Tunisia  0.50  0.79
    Turkey FREE  0.39
    Turkey-North Cyprus FREE  0.59
    Turks & Caicos Islands FREE  0.59
    Ukraine  1.00  1.29
    United Arab Emirates FREE  0.39
    United Kingdom FREE  0.39
    Uruguay  1.25  1.99
    US Virgin Islands  2.00  1.99
    USA  2.00  1.99
    Uzbekistan  0.30  0.79
    Vanuatu  1.50  0.79
    Vietnam FREE  0.39
    Zambia FREE  0.59

    Area A Calls to Area B (25 countries below) debit 2.69/min.
    All countries except those in Area B Afghanistan, Ascension Islands, Australian External Territories, Cape Verde Islands, Cook Islands, Diego Garcia, Easter Island, Falkland Islands, Greenland, Guinea Bissau, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Niue Island, North Korea, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Sao Tome, Solomon Islands, Somalia, St. Helena, Tokelau, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wallis/Futuna Island, Western Samoa 

    Prices subject to change at any time

    Benefits of The SmartFree Quattro International Prepaid SIM:

    • Ready to use international cellular service

    • US 800# access (with dedicated USA based numbers also available) for your customers to give to friends and family before departure

    • No monthly bills or contract commitment for your customers

    • Easy for travelers to use, no complicated dialing procedures or special characters required

    • Helps users to save money over a conventional cellular phone or hotel phones

    • Free incoming calls in most of Europe and the Middle East

    • Low rates for calls back to the USA

    Activating Service:

    Each SIM card offers a pre-assigned mobile number and 800# access and will be ready to be used straight out of the package; no complicated activation procedures are necessary. Users simply insert the SIM into an unlocked GSM phone, turn it on and the SIM is ready to use.

    Dedicated U.S. numbers are also available (click for details).  Callers from the USA would either dial a USA based number or dial: 011 44 and the remainder of your number to reach the user in over 115 countries around the world.

    Making Calls With SmartFree Quattro International SIM:

    To make a call with the SmartFree Quattro SIM, users simply dial a Plus (+) symbol, the country code followed by the number and then press SEND or YES.

    Instead of putting the phone to their ears immediately, users are instructed to wait about two seconds and the phone will ring back, alerting the user to answer the phone.  Press the SEND or YES key to hear the call go through.

    In these few seconds, the SmartFree Quattro SIM calls the user back and you control the calling rate per minute and save.

    Note: When calling from the USA to a SmartFree Quattro international number, callers will have to dial 011 followed by your SmartFree Quattro number (unless a dedicated USA based number is added).

    The SmartFree Quattro SIM card has been very popular because it offers global roaming along with free incoming calls in over 80 countries. Simply add airtime once every 9 months to keep the SmartFree Quattro SIM Card active.

    Technical Issues and Changing Networks:

    The SmartFree Quattro SIM can be used on multiple carrier networks in most countries and on occasions, it may be necessary for users to switch networks for best results. To show users how to switch networks on their phones, consult the phone's manual.

    Reloads can be stocked by dealers in the form of PIN codes and are also available from InTouch Smartcards.  Users call +1-703-620-0879 for reloads. We offer extended daily operating hours and weekends.  For technical support, customer service and coverage information, call us at: +1-703-222-7161 x 0.

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