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HYDROSTIK Recharge Service
HYDROSTIK Recharge Service
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: HSTIK_RECHG_5
    Price: $24.95
    Service Selection Required:
    Wait for customers cores to arrive and then send 5
    Please send me 5 reloaded cores now, adds $50
    InTouch SmartCards recharging service for HYDROSTIK cartridges is fast and convenient. Hydrogen refills are available on a quick turn around basis. InTouch SmartCards HYDROSTIK reload program was designed to encourage the use and deployment of MINIPAK charger units.

    We designed an affordable exchange program where we recharge them for you. Send us your spent HYDROSTIKs in groups of 5 to be recharged. We suggest you do this when your office is approaching a safe reorder point for charged cartridges (allow 1 week, 3 days to us and 3 days to return). You send spent cartridges in groups of 5 to InTouch SmartCards and we use Priority Flat rate mailer to mail 5 reloaded cartridges back to you.

    If you need additional reloaded cartridges for an event, trade show or hurricane season for example, select the core charge of $50 and we will mail out the same business day an additional group of 5 charged HYDROSTIKs for $50. FedEx overnight service is also available for additional charge.

    If you purchased the MINIPAK with 5 or more HYDROSTIKs then once your 5 cartridges are used, send them via a mailer and we return recharged cartridges to you. If you do not have more than 5 HYDROSTIKs then consider our core charge reload to get you started with 5 extras for inexpensive future rotations/recharges.

    Some emergency plans require only X number of charged cartridges on hand (based on number in office or usage) or customers just send us their spent cartridges after each event passes. InTouch reloads the cartridges and returns them full so no HYDROFILL device (show below) or bottled hydrogen is required on your premises.

    User TIP: Make sure as you use up a cartridge that you have indicated (use our sticker on the bottom if present) which HYDROSTIKs are full and which are empty. There is no visual indicator or reading on the HYDROSTIK as to remaining hydrogen or charge status. Each HYDROSTIK has a unique serial number that might help with your charge status and inventory use management.

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