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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: MINIPAK
    Price: $110.00
    Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
    MINIPAK, the best hydrogen fuel cell charger for cellular phones and low power USB devices. Best charging option for extended emergency power outages or when traveling to remote areas. Best portable backup power for mobile electronics. Latest usages include: first responders, disaster relief, emergency response, floods, weather related outages or where charging from the grid is not possible.

    The MINIPAK includes a passive air-breathing fuel cell, able to draw hydrogen stored as solid hydride inside the specially designed HYDROSTIK cartridge. Be ready with days worth of power with extra "no self discharge" cartridges and insert as needed. Compact PEM fuel cell charger with rechargeable instant-power hydrogen cartridges.

    This instant-power handheld fuel cell device is a universal portable power charger and power extender compatible with a variety of portable electronics.

    The MINIPAK is positioned to address gaps in providing energy "on the go" for power-hungry device users, as well to provide as a low cost energy storage option for emergencies and long duration off-grid power users.

    It’s also the most advanced, practical and portable scale technology demonstration for clean energy. Weight with included cartridge is 7.4 oz / 210g. Included in the box from InTouch SmartCards is one MINIPAK, one HYDROSTIK, one small LED light module and charging tips shown in photo (less iPhone and white cable).

    Devices compatible with the MINIPAK include: cellphones, Android smartphones, Apple iPhones, iPod Touch, Windows 8 Mobile phones, GPS handhelds and MP3 players, as well as all USB gadgets such as USB lighting devices, USB fans, USB speaker systems for MP3 players or smart-phones and many more. The MINIPAK DC power output is up to 2W, delivered through a standard micro-USB port.

    • Refillable hydrogen storage!
    • Cheaper for the amount of storable energy ($/Wh)
    • More available energy than most existing devices (Wh)
    • "Hot swappable" energy - simply swap "empty for full" cartridges on the go
    • Easy to use (Universal USB for multiple devices) - no need for adaptor plugs
    • No need for wall sockets: ideal for remote "off-grid" use or international travel
    • Eco-friendly - if disposed, canisters do not contain any mercury, cadmium or lead
    • Multiple use - can be used for numerous portable devices, not just for cell-phones!
    • No self discharge or memory effects - energy can be stored in a solid state for years
    • Transportable on-board aircraft cabins - thanks to recent legislation approval on metal hydride devices
    • Infrastructure for the future - HYDROFILL "home refueling station" can be used for other fuel cell devices

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