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Micro SIM for iPhone 4, iPad, iPhone 5 With Data and Optional USA Based Number
Micro SIM for iPhone 4, iPad, iPhone 5 With Data and Optional USA Based Number
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: Micro_SIM
    Price: $54.99
    Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
    Need a microSIM for your unlocked iPhone or your new iPad or iPad2 with a mobile data connection? The InTouchUSA MicroSIM offers better rates than most local micro SIM services. Now you can get low rates for your data useage in Europe or the USA and get connected without having to pay monthly fees.

    With rates that debit from only 70 eurocents per MB when used in many of the popular travel destinations throughout Europe and Asia your data travel needs can be met for much less than AT&T, Verizon, or Orange would charge. Please note that this card can be used on a variety of carriers in each country and each carrier often charges different rates. Please contact us before your trip determine the best carriers for you to use for the best savings. No matter what carrier your unlocked iPhone or iPad chooses you will save money and be able to stay in touch. You will be able to check emails, browse the web, and use google and other map services when traveling overseas.

    International data rates are at market rates worldwide but when in the USA rates are higher than monthly plan rates but you incur no monthly charge.

    This card is perfect for the occasional user of data in the USA and Canada. Great for international calling from the USA and internationally. Looking for short term use? This SIM is a great alternative to a rental (though we do offer both iPad and iPhone rentals at reasonable rates!)

    Using Optional GPRS Data Roaming With Your Micro SIM

    It has been our experience that this SIM will work in your unlocked iPhone or any iPad with minimal changes to your device. We cannot guarantee the correctness or validity of the GPRS settings that the SIM automatically provides to your device with every combination of firmware but unlock solution but it has been our experience that this SIM is your best choice.

    Remember that GPRS services are activated before GPRS services can be accessed via a mobile device so when ordering this SIM please provide as many details as possible about the device you will be using the SIM with and where you will be traveling so we can properly assist you. Unfortunately we can only provide a limited amount of support so depending on the application, and that you will be primarily responsible for installing the SIM card and making sure the service works with your specific device configuration.

    If you have not yet been able to unlock or jailbreak your iPhone you can still save money on your calls when traveling overseas with our iSip service. The InTouchUSA iSIP application allows inexpensive calls from anywhere in the world using the power of the internet. For more information or to order this service and be using it in a matter of hours please call 703-620-0879.

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