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Travel International SIM Card: a Global Prepaid SIM Card
Travel International SIM Card: a Global Prepaid SIM Card
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $49.99
    Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
    Add $99 initial reload then $99 auto reload
    Add $69 initial half reload then $99 auto reload
    Add SmartForward USA Number with $50 call credit<BR>and $99 initial SIM reload then full auto reloads
    Not now, just auto reload as required: USA Redirect<BR>with $25 and SIM card reloads with $99 reloads
    Travel SIM Card an International Prepaid SIM Card
      InTouch SmartCards is pleased to introduce our Travel SIM Card.  The Travel SIM Card is a new international roaming SIM card that can be used all over Europe and in many other countries.  This new SIM card can be used in over 180 countries.

    Please Note:  The International Travel SIM Card is not the only global roaming SIM card we offer.  You may want to compare the features and rates of our SmartFree Quattro Global SIM Card (recommended for iPhone users)or to find the SIM card that would best meet your needs.  For more information, click here.

      Up to 70% less expensive roaming rates abroad compared to US GSM carriers
      About 12 minutes of starter airtime credit (for most countries)
      Auto reload, toll free access and dedicated USA based numbers now available
      First 5 minutes of toll free access for inbound calls using USA Redirect included
      No long distance or roaming charges
      No contract, no monthly bills and no call detail
      SmartForward option, lets you keep your USA Mobile number and your calls ring on this SIM
      Have a phone in hand; ready to use immediately upon arrival overseas
      USA based toll free access number available so colleagues and family do not have to pay international long distance
      Have an active European-based phone number for anonymous global calling
      Optional US based number available, for more information, click here
      Never run out of airtime again with our auto reload feature
      Incoming text messages are free and outbound text messages debit at just 35 Eurocents
      Free incoming calls in many countries throughout Europe and the Middle East

    Please Note:  Debit rates are listed in Euro, "outgoing" rates are calls to most countries and the USA. Some "call to" destinations like remote islands, satellite services: Ellipso, Emsat, GMSS, Global Networks Telenor, Globalstar, Inmarsat, Intermatica, Iridium, Thuraya, most calls will complete but have an added per minute mobile termination debit rate. Call us if you plan calls "to exotic locations". All debit rates are subject to change. European VAT and currency conversion fees are included in reload purchase price. List as of March 1, 2012





      Afghanistan .85   1.25
      Albania FREE   .50
      Algeria .13   .59
      Andorra FREE   .55
      Angola FREE   .45
      Anguilla FREE   .75
      Antigua and Barbuda FREE   .75
      Argentina FREE   .65
      Armenia FREE   .50
      Aruba FREE   .75
      Australia FREE   .39
      Austria FREE   .29
      Azerbaijan FREE   .55
      Bahamas 1.25   1.67
      Bahrain FREE   .39
      Bangladesh .85   1.25
      Barbados FREE   .75
      Belarus FREE   .50
      Belgium FREE   .39
      Benin FREE   .55
      Bermuda FREE   .55
      Bhutan 2.09   2.50
      Bolivia 1.25   1.67
      Bosnia and Herzegovina FREE   .55
      Brazil .25   .75
      British Virgin Islands FREE   .75
      Brunei Darussalam .30   .80
      Bulgaria FREE   .35
      Burkina Faso .17   .65
      Cambodia .25   .75
      Canada (see SmartFree Dual) 1.67   2.09
      Cape Verde Island FREE   .55
      Cayman Islands FREE   .75
      Chad FREE   .55
      Chile FREE   .55
      China FREE   .50
      Colombia 1.25   1.67
      Congo FREE   .55
      Cook Islands .85   1.05
      Costa Rica FREE   .39
      Cote Divoire .09   .59
      Croatia FREE   .45
      Cuba 1.67   2.50
      Cyprus FREE   .25
      Czech Republic FREE   .39
      Denmark FREE   .39
      Djibouti .85   1.67
      Dominica FREE   .75
      Dominican Republic .17   .65
      Ecuador 1.25   2.09
      Egypt FREE   .45
      El Salvador 1.25   1.67
      Equatorial Guinea .17   .55
      Estonia FREE   .39
      Faeroe Islands .07   .50
      Fiji Islands FREE   .50
      Finland FREE   .33
      France FREE   .35
      French Guiana FREE   .43
      French Polynesia .30   .65
      Gambia .21   .65
      Georgia FREE   .45
      Germany FREE   .35
      Ghana FREE   .55
      Gibraltar .13   .43
      Greece FREE   .35
      Greenland .45   .85
      Grenada FREE   .75
      Guadeloupe FREE   .43
      Guatemala 1.25   2.09
      Guinea .21   .65
      Guinea Bissau .43   .85
      Guyana FREE   .65
      Haiti .25   .75
      Honduras FREE   .50
      Hong Kong FREE   .39
      Hungary FREE   .39
      Iceland .13   .39
      India FREE   .69
      India TATA .17   .59
      Indonesia .17   .45
      Iran FREE   .39
      Iraq FREE   .35
      Ireland FREE   .39
      Israel FREE   .75
      Italy FREE   .39
      Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire) .09   .59
      Jamaica FREE   .55
      Japan (3G 2100MHZ Phone Needed) FREE   .45
      Jordan FREE   .49
      Kazakhstan FREE   .35
      Kenya FREE   .65
      Korea South (3G 2100mhz Phone Needed) FREE   .39
      Kosovo FREE   .45
      Kuwait (must use SmartFree SIM) CALL   CALL
      Kyrgyzstan .13   .59
      Latvia FREE   .35
      Lebanon FREE   .45
      Lesotho FREE   .50
      Liberia (service may vary) FREE   .65
      Libya (service may vary) .25   .75
      Liechtenstein FREE   .39
      Lithuania FREE   .35
      Luxembourg FREE   .43
      Macao .55   .85
      Macedonia FREE   .65
      Madagascar .21   .59
      Malawi Free   .75
      Malaysia FREE   .50
      Maldives .55   1.05
      Mali FREE   .59
      Malta FREE   .39
      Martinique FREE   .43
      Mauritius 1.25   2.09
      Mayotte Island FREE   .55
      Mexico .30   .80
      Moldova FREE   .55
      Monaco FREE   .65
      Mongolia FREE   .45
      Montenegro .07   .59
      Morocco .21   .59
      Mozambique .09   .59
      Namibia FREE   .50
      Nepal .85   1.25
      Netherlands (Holland) FREE   .39
      Netherlands Antilles FREE   .45
      New Zealand FREE   .59
      Nicaragua 1.25   1.67
      Niger FREE   .59
      Nigeria FREE   .59
      Norway FREE   .39
      Oman FREE   .55
      Pakistan .19   .65
      Palestine FREE   .50
      Panama 1.25   2.09
      Papua New Guinea .45   1.05
      Paraguay FREE   .45
      Peru .85   1.25
      Philippines .43   .85
      Poland FREE   .29
      Portugal FREE   .39
      Puerto Rico 1.67   2.09
      Qatar FREE   .55
      Reunion Island FREE   .55
      Romania FREE   .39
      Russian Federation FREE   .39
      Saint Kitts and Nevis FREE   .75
      Saint Lucia FREE   .75
      Saint Vincent and the Grenadines FREE   .75
      San Marino FREE   .39
      Saudi Arabia (may req SMS rate) FREE   .45
      Senegal .17   .59
      Serbia - Montenegro FREE   .65
      Seychelles 2.09   2.50
      Sierra Leone .30   .78
      Singapore FREE   .50
      Slovakia FREE   .39
      Slovenia FREE   .39
      South Africa, Republic of FREE   .50
      South Korea (3G 2100mhz Phone Needed) FREE   .39
      Spain FREE   .39
      Sri Lanka FREE   .50
      Sudan FREE   .50
      Surinam .25   .75
      Sweden FREE   .33
      Switzerland FREE   .50
      Syria FREE   .71
      Taiwan FREE   .50
      Tajikistan .43   1.25
      Tanzania FREE   .50
      Thailand FREE   .50
      Togo .30   .71
      Tonga Islands .30   .80
      Trinidad and Tobago 1.67   2.09
      Tunisia 2.09   2.50
      Turkey FREE   .45
      Turks & Caicos FREE   .75
      Uganda FREE   .59
      Ukraine FREE   .36
      United Arab Emirates FREE   .50
      United Kingdom (Great Britain) FREE   .35
      United States of America
    Rate For Calls Made In USA (Not To)
    1.67   2.09
      Uruguay FREE   .50
      US Virgin Islands 1.67   2.09
      Uzbekistan FREE   .65
      Vanuatu Republic .43   1.05
      Vatican City FREE   .39
      Venezuela FREE   .65
      Vietnam FREE   .39
      Western Samoa 1.67   2.09
      Yemen FREE   .59
      Zimbabwe FREE   .55
      Service Life
      The Travel International SIM Card only needs to be reloaded once every 9 months to remain active and any balance rolling forward 9 more months.  When it is time to manually reload (nine months since your last auto reload), you can simply call us and we will add the reload directly to your account.  To purchase a service extension and airtime reload for your SIM card manually, please call our reload center at 1-703-620-0879 (or from your mobile at +1-703-620-0879) or at 1-800-872-7626 from within the US.
      Operating Instructions
      Your Travel International SIM Card is pre-activated by InTouch SmartCards and comes ready to use.  Your cell phone number is printed on the materials included in the SIM card package.
    1. Insert the Travel SIM Card into your unlocked GSM cell phone as shown in your phone's user manual
    2. Switch on the phone and set your phone to the proper frequency when outside the US (many phones will auto select).  If you require assistance, please contact us at 1-703-222-7161 (or from your mobile at +1-703-222-7161) or at 1-800-872-7626 from within the US.
    3. If prompted, enter the SIM PIN code, it is printed on the SIM package labels. This is not your subsidy unlock code.*
    4. Once the phone registers itself with an available network (this takes between 30 seconds and 2 minutes), your phone is ready for use.

    * In most cases, we will turn off the SIM PIN code requirement so that it will not be required to be entered. If phone asks for subsidy unlock code, you must contact your carrier; your phone is SIM locked.

    Making calls using your SIM card

    To make a call, simply dial a "Plus" (+) symbol, the country code, the phone number and then press the "Send" or "Yes" key.

    Instead of putting the phone to your ear immediately, wait about two seconds and the phone will ring back, alerting you to answer the phone.  Press the "Send" or "Yes" key and you will hear your call go through.

    Just dial a "Plus" (+) symbol, the country code, the city code, the phone number (country code is "1" for the US) and then the "Send" or "Yes" key to reach any number.

    In these few seconds, the SIM card calls you back.  This allows you to control the calling rate per minute and save.

    Important Supplemental Instructions:

    From some parts of Iraq (and many other countries) if your phone does not call you back, it may be necessary to dial using either the phone's menu or the below USSD method.  To dial using your phone's menu, look for an option called "TRAVELINTLSIM" or SIM Service, which can be found either under Extras or Office Tools from the main menu.

    If you cannot find "TRAVELINTLSIM" in you phone's menu, the USSD method can be used.  For a call to the USA simply dial *146*001, area code, phone number, "#" symbol and then the "Send" or "Yes" key to call the US.  For any other country, simply dial *146*, country code,  phone number, "#" symbol and then the "Send" or "Yes" key.

    Please Note:  Each SIM card comes with USA Redirect pooled access number to reduce the cost and improve the overseas routing of calls to you. Charges are debited from your USA Redirect or SmartForward account at the lower fractional minute pool rate.

    If a caller opts to call using their long distance from the US to your SIM card's international number, callers will have to dial "011" followed by your number. The higher unknown cost for calling direct will appear on caller's international LD billing.  We also offer a low cost US-based dedicated SmartForward phone number.  For more SmartForward USA number information, click here.

    Adding credit/Purchasing reloads manually

    Travel International SIM Card only needs to be reloaded once every 9 months (before the reload expire date) to remain active and roll over unused credits.  When it is time to reload for service extension (if auto reload has not been triggered within 9 months for low balance), you can simply call us and we will add the reload directly to your account. 

    Your SIM card is set to auto reload when your balance drops below 5 Euro so that you never again will run out of time when you need it the most. Existing customers have found this feature extremely valuable as it is difficult to determine exactly how many minutes will be needed on a specific trip overseas. Each $99 reload will yield about 1.7 hours of calling time from most European countries, more time if people are also calling you. For more information or to purchase reloads manually for your SIM card, please call our reload center at 1-703-620-0879 (or from your mobile at +1-703-620-0879) or 1-800-872-7626 from within the US.

    Using Optional GPRS Data Roaming With Your Travel International SIM

    Detailed below are the GPRS data settings for the Travel International global roaming SIM. Thanks to a special promotion, all GPRS data throughout the European Union debits at just 70 Eurocents per MB. 1 MB on most cell phones (not the iPhone) is typically about 100 emails, or 10 email with average sized attachments. If you need BlackBerry Data, or are traveling outside of the European Union, be sure to consider our International UK O2 SIM (see bottom of this page for link).

    Please note that the carrier does not list all available unlocked GSM phones as compatible with this service. We cannot guarantee the correctness or validity of the GPRS settings published below and therefore cannot guarantee that the GPRS settings below will work with your phone.

    It is also worth noting that the Travel International SIM requires that GPRS services are activated before GPRS services can be accessed via a mobile phone. Therefore you should check with us to make sure that you have GPRS activated on your phone account before attempting to change GPRS settings on your phone.

    Please make sure that you write down your old GPRS settings (if your phone can only store one set of GPRS settings at a time) before you make changes so that you can easily restore the original settings after returning from your trip.

    Below are the required fields needed to set up your phones WAP/GPRS data settings if your phone does not pull the settings automatically from the SIM.

    See your phone's instruction manual to determine how to enter a data profile to change your GPRS data settings if your unsure how to get started (your data profile can usually be found in your phones menu under web access access points, connection, or data settings).

    Choose/create a new profile/entry

    Scroll down to "homepage" and enter your preferred homepage (we sugggest Note: Do not enter www before entering the homepage.

    Go to "name" and type in a name for the new data connection (we suggest Travel)

    If a data bearer option is in your menu select packet data

    Scroll to "GPRS APN" and type

    Go to "user name" and enter your SIMs 3725 number

    Under "password" make sure field is blank

    Save your settings.

    InTouch SmartCards can only provide a limited amount of support configuring these settings. If you are not comfortable changing these settings on your own, please call us before purchasing this SIM if you intend to use data.

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