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SmartFree Quattro Triple IMSI SIM - US & UK Local Rates w/int'l Roaming
SmartFree Quattro Triple IMSI SIM - US & UK Local Rates w/int'l Roaming
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: Triple_Imsi_SF44
    Price: $49.99
    Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
    Select a SIM size:
    Full size (iPhone 3/3gs & most basic phones)
    Micro size SIM (ie iPhone 4 or 4s)
    Nano size SIM (ie iPhone 5)
    Continue only if phone is SIM locked:
    This option adds $50 for SIM card unlocking
    If unlocking, select original carrier lock:
    If unlocking, enter your IMEI# 15 digits:

    SmartFree Triple Number International SIM Card:
    A Global SIM Card with a UK based International Number, local UK number and a USA/Canada number.

    Introducing The SmartFree Quattro Triple Number SIM card - the first SIM card with three mobile numbers offering low overseas rates as well as a low rate for calls here in the USA, Canada and Mexico. The Triple Number SIM is the first SIM card with the ability to load three different numbers on one SIM offering extra flexibility as well as reduced rates.

    With the new SmartFree Triple Number SIM, outbound calls debit at just 0.39 Euro per minute from many countries for landline calls locally, to the USA and to most other countries. That makes it the one low cost overseas SIM card for Europe and most international travel destinations.

    If your AT&T iPhone is SIM locked and you want to use this SIM card without "Jail Breaking" your iPhone just select our $50 unlocking option above. Only if your phone is SIM locked do you need to enter your IMEI#. Find this number by entering *#06# into your locked iPhone. Select the button for unlock then and enter the IMEI accurately in the blank above, that is it. When the SmartFree Quattro SIM card arrives, replace your AT&T SIM card with the SmartFree Quattro SIM card and connect to iTunes. Our SIM card will then let you access T-Mobile in the USA and GSM carriers around the world using the SmartFree Quattro SIM card. Your iPhone can be updated with any future iOS downloads and will not relock.

    Put your original SIM back in anytime no changes, you are factory unlocked for $50. An exclusive service when your buy our SmartFree Quattro SIM card and select the unlock button. If your iPhone is already unlocked congratulations! If you have another make of phone we may need to generate a subsidy unlock code for you to enter into your phone. Start lowering your cost of international roaming with the selection (above) of the correct size of global SIM card for your phone.

    The SmartFree Triple IMSI Global SIM card only needs to be reloaded once every 9 months to roll over any remaining balance for 9 months more (USA number must be used every 60 days or a new US phone number will be issued on later use within the 15 month SIM life). Finally one SIM for all your future world travel with the convenience of low cost calls when you are in the United Kingdom, the USA, Mexico and Canada. This SIM card for Europe is a great replacement for an Telecom Italia TIM SIM, France Telecom or any T-Mobile SIM card for Germany, Vodafone Spain etc.

    The SmartFree Triple Number Global SIM Card Offers:

    • About 15+ minutes of outbound call credits (Europe to USA)
    • SIM card auto reloads, no need to find reload vouchers
    • Triple active numbers, Global, UK Local and a USA/Canada number

    • Easy toggle between numbers to get the lowest calling rate
    • Find Me Feature which routes calls or texts to arrive on whichever number you are using
    • One Unified Global Voicemail Box

    • USA number for low cost calls when traveling within USA and Canada
    • Automatic USA number resets after 60 days of no use, SIM creates new USA number as needed
    • No long distance, per call charge or added roaming charges

    • Discreet, no contract, credit check or changes to current mobile service
    • Email notification of each auto reload when charged to your credit card
    • Auto reload feature to keep your SIM account from running out of minutes or being cut off

    • FREE incoming calls in many countries (calling to your +4479 number only), no airtime debit
    • Incoming SMS are FREE, reply or outbound SMS debit at  0.49 Euro
    • Local USA cellular number for text so anyone can send you text messages without international texting plan

    • Optional dedicated semi-permanent USA toll or toll free numbers, call forward any number to this SIM (click for details if the included mobile US number "that must be used every 60 days" doesn't meet your needs)
    • Optional International Country Specific Virtual Telephone Numbers (Italy, France, China etc.) (click for details)
    • Additional full reload(s) will be added via the auto reload feature, no need to find reload cards

    Rates For The SmartFree Quattro International SIM Card:

    • Debit rates are in Euros and debit in whole minutes
    • Calls forwarded from USA to +44 number add .30 to .39 Euro per minute to incoming debit rate
    • Calling to cell phones/mobile phones incurs a  0.10 Euro surcharge per minute
    • Calls debit from account balance at rates below
    • European VAT and currency conversion fees are included in reload purchase price

    The center column is for outbound call debit rates to USA and most of the world
    For calls to the 23 countries in Area B, scroll to end to see "calls to" note


    Country You Are in:

    Incoming Calls  Outgoing Calls to Area A
    Data Rates 
    (Where Available)
    Per Meg  
    Afghanistan  1.00  1.99  11.55
    Albania  0.20  0.79  10.71
    Algeria  FREE  0.39  Call
    Andorra  FREE  0.39  11.99
    Anguilla FREE  0.39  12.99
    Antigua and Barbuda  0.10  0.39  10.50
    Argentina  0.39  0.39  Call
    Armenia  0.39  0.39  14.62
    Aruba  0.39  0.39  13.12
    Australia FREE  0.39  2.02
    Austria FREE  0.39  13.35
    Azerbaijan  0.59  0.99  7.23
    Azores 0.20  0.39  Call
    Bahamas  0.99  0.79  13.44
    Bahrain FREE  0.39  17.81
    Bangladesh 0.79  0.59  Call
    Barbados 0.20  0.59  12.14
    Belarus 0.59  0.79  16.25
    Belgium FREE  0.39  9.36
    Benin 0.39  0.59  13.51
    Bermuda  0.99  0.59  8.54
    Bonaire FREE  0.39  Call
    Bosnia Herzegovina  0.20  0.39  Call
    Botswana 0.20  0.39  Call
    Brazil FREE**  0.59  14.25
    British Virgin Islands  0.20  0.39  11.28
    Bulgaria  0.30  0.39  1.85
    Cambodia  0.39  0.59  Call
    Canada rate requires 30000 PIN  1.20  1.99  13.22
    Cayman Islands 0.20  0.59  9.44
    Chile 0.20  0.59  23.42
    China  0.59  0.39  20.20
    Colombia  0.79  0.59  13.44
    Congo 0.29  0.59  4.15
    Costa Rica FREE  0.39  20.20
    Cuba  1.49  1.99  Call
    Curacao 0.15  0.39  Call
    Czech Republic FREE  0.39  0.49
    Denmark FREE  0.39  8.08
    Dominica  0.39  0.99  9.15
    Dominican Republic  0.99  0.59  11.50
    Ecuador 1.20  1.99  19.76
    Egypt FREE 0.39  1.92
    El Salvador  0.99  0.59  14.50
    Estonia  0.20  0.59  8.26
    Ethiopia  0.49  0.99  Call
    Faeroe Islands 0.20  0.59  Call
    Fiji  0.30  0.59  11.81
    Finland FREE  0.39  0.88
    France (Data rate on Orange FREE  0.39  0.91
    French West Indies  0.20  0.59  Call
    Gambia  0.30  0.59 18.24
    Georgia FREE  0.39  7.74
    Germany FREE  0.39  19.70
    Ghana 0.29  0.59  7.74
    Gibraltar  0.20  0.59  12.44
    Greece FREE  0.39  15.54
    Greenland  0.50  0.99  Call
    Grenada  0.20  0.59  9.05
    Guadeloupe  0.20  0.59  Call
    Guatemala  0.20  0.59  Call
    Guernsey FREE  0.39  8.00
    Guyana 0.20  0.89  Call
    Haiti  0.20  0.59  9.14
    Hong Kong  0.30  0.39  8.64
    Hungary FREE  0.39  15.54
    Iceland 0.20  0.99  15.18
    India  0.30  0.69  16.43
    Indonesia  0.30  0.69  11.59
    Iran  0.20  0.59  Call
    Iraq 0.30  0.49  13.12
    Ireland FREE 0.39  1.06
    Israel FREE  0.39  11.00
    Israel-Palestine FREE  0.59  Call
    Italy FREE  0.39  8.16
    Ivory Coast FREE  0.99  Call
    Jamaica 0.20  0.59  9.16
    Japan (3G 2100MHz Phone Needed) FREE  0.39  24.12
    Jersey FREE  0.59  8.50
    Jordan FREE  0.59  Call
    Kazakhstan  0.20  0.59  Call
    Kenya  0.20  0.59  12.15
    Korea (3G 2100MHz Phone needed) South FREE  0.39  18.81
    Kuwait  0.10  0.59  19.00
    Kyrgyzstan  0.49  0.79  Call
    Latvia FREE  0.39  4.85
    Lebanon 0.20  0.59  23.09
    Lesotho 0.20  0.59  Call
    Liechtenstein  0.39  0.99  24.00
    Lithuania FREE  0.39  Call
    Luxembourg FREE  0.39  6.80
    Macau  0.49  0.79  19.80
    Madagascar  0.99  1.49  12.10
    Malawi FREE  0.39  8.37
    Malaysia  0.10  0.39  15.76
    Maldives  0.99  1.29  Call
    Malta 0.10  0.59  8.02
    Martinique 0.20  0.59  Call
    Mauritius  0.20  0.59  14.25
    Mexico 40000 PIN required for rate  0.59  0.59  5.37
    Moldova 0.50  0.99  Call
    Montenegro 0.30  0.99  10.58
    Montserrat FREE  0.39  11.50
    Morocco  0.20  0.79  17.21
    Mozambique  0.20  0.79  8.79
    Namibia  0.20  0.59  Call
    Nepal  0.49  0.79  Call
    Netherlands FREE  0.39  6.72
    New Zealand  0.20  0.59  19.12
    Niger 0.20  0.79  Call
    Nigeria FREE  0.39  15.12
    Norway 0.10  0.59  12.12
    Oman 0.20  0.99  12.40
    Pakistan  0.30  0.39  9.40
    Palestine FREE  0.59  Call
    Panama  0.99  0.99  14.99
    Papua New Guinea  0.50  1.99  Call
    Paraguay  0.50  0.99  Call
    Peru  0.50  0.99  15.99
    Philippines  0.40  0.79  13.44
    Poland FREE  0.39  12.58
    Portugal FREE  0.39  12.05
    Puerto Rico (30000 PIN Only) or rates higher 0.50  0.79  8.42
    Qatar 0.15  0.59  17.42
    Romania FREE  0.39  9.75
    Russia Data rate on VimpleCom  FREE  0.39  1.00
    Samoa  0.10  1.29  9.45
    San Marino 0.20  0.59  6.25
    Saudi Arabia 0.10  0.59  21.45
    Serbia  0.30  0.99  10.58
    Seychelles 0.40  0.79  Call
    Sierra Leone  0.40  1.29  Call
    Singapore  0.50  0.59  10.98
    Slovakia 0.10  0.39  19.37
    Slovenia  0.10  0.39  13.40
    South Africa 0.10  0.59  3.97
    Spain FREE  0.39  1.06
    Sri Lanka  0.50  0.79  6.00
    St. Barthelemy 0.20  0.59  Call
    St. Kitts  0.20  0.79  9.14
    St. Lucia 0.20  0.79  9.96
    St. Martin 0.20  0.59  Call
    St. Vincent/Grenada  0.20  0.79  9.44
    Suriname 0.10  0.59  Call
    Sweden FREE  0.39  8.61
    Switzerland 0.20  0.59  19.18
    Taiwan  0.50  0.59  12.97
    Tajikistan  0.79  0.79  Call
    Tanzania FREE  0.79  3.84
    Thailand  0.20  0.39  2.44
    Tonga Islands  0.40  1.29  Call
    Trinidad & Tobago 0.20  0.39  13.12
    Tunisia  0.40  1.29  8.66
    Turkey FREE  0.39  22.64
    Turkey-North Cyprus 0.40  0.59  9.84
    Turks And Caicos 0.20  0.59  9.35
    Uganda  0.10  0.59  10.54
    Ukraine  0.99  0.79  19.25
    United Arab Emirates FREE  0.39  14.11
    United Kingdom 20000 PIN
    required for rate
    FREE  0.39  0.20
    Uruguay  0.50  0.99  Call
    US Virgin Islands  0.99  1.99  Call
    USA on 30000 PIN (Recommended PIN Setting)  0.39  0.39  7.01
    Calls in USA on 10000 PIN not suggested. Setting only for data  1.20  1.29  7.01
    Uzbekistan  0.30  0.59  13.44
    Vanuatu  0.30  1.49  Call
    Vietnam FREE  0.39  12.00
    Zambia 0.10  0.39  5.33

    Area A Calls to Area B (23 countries below) add .77/min to debit rate.
    All countries except those in Area B American Samoa, Ascension Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Cook Islands, Diego Garcia, Easter Island, Falkland Islands, Greenland, Guinea Bissau, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Niue Island, North Korea, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Sao Tome, Solomon Islands, Somalia, St. Helena, Tokelau, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wallis/Futuna Island  

    Prices subject to change at any time

    Benefits of The SmartFree Quattro Triple Mobile Number International SIM:

    • Works from USA and 160+ international cellular countries

    • Triple number combined to help friends and family reach you when you are traveling overseas

    • Discreet, No monthly bills, No call detail available and No term contract signed

    • Easy for travelers to select USA, Global or UK mobile for lowest text/SMS cost

    • Save money over a conventional roaming cellular phone or hotel phones

    • Free incoming calls in most of Europe and the Middle East (on int'l UK number only)

    • Low rates calling/texting back home from overseas or calls/texting here in the US to overseas when the Triple IMSI USA and Canada number is used

    Activating Your Phone:

    Your phone will have three pre-assigned mobile numbers and they will be ready to use straight out of the package. We activiate the SIM card for you. Your Global number and UK local number never change. Your USA number must be used from the USA every 60 days or it will auto generate a new number the next time it is used in the USA or Canada. Consider our SmartForward USA number option (including an optional dedicated 1-800 style direct in dial number) or call for special arrangements if you need the USA number longer than 60 days without returning state side. Simply insert the SIM in your phone, turn it on, select USA/Canada, UK local or International number profile and your Global SIM card is ready to use.

    You can easily switch between profiles/numbers by turning your phone off and back on (iPhone users can pop SIM out and in to change numbers). When you initially turn your phone on, it will say "Enter SIM PIN", simply type in the access PIN: 10,000 to use your Global Profile/USA Data or 20,000 for UK Local o2 calling and data profile. Use 30,000 PIN for USA and Canada or 40,000 for Mexico.

    Making and Receiving Calls With The SmartFree Quattro Triple IMSI International SIM:

    1) To make a call with your SmartFree Triple Cellular Number Global 10000 Profile, you will dial a Plus (+) symbol, the country code followed by the number and then press SEND or YES.

    2) Instead of putting the phone to your ear immediately, wait about two seconds and then the phone will ring back, alerting you to answer the phone.  Press the SEND or YES key and you will hear your call go through.

    3) In these few seconds, the SmartFree Quattro SIM calls you back and you control the calling rate per minute and save.

    Note: When calling or texting from the USA to your SmartFree Quattro USA number, your callers can dial 1-940-XXX-XXXX and calls or texts will forward worldwide to your global number. When calling out from the GSM phone to an overseas mobile number, delete any leading zero in their mobile number: everywhere in the world just press the + key then country code and number. When you are using UK o2, Mexico or USA/Canada local number profiles, unlike the Global Profile, the phone will not call you back but instead calls through.

    Technical Issues and Changing Networks:

    Your SmartFree Triple Number SIM card can be used in most unlocked GSM phones on multiple carrier networks in most countries. On occasions, it may be necessary to use a special dialing sequence, dial via SMS or to switch networks from your phone's menu for best results. Good call quality is a function of the local carrier not the SIM card. SIM card service, minutes or the SIM cards are not refundable. Basic GSM operational knowledge is required for global roaming. Watch signal strength and change carriers in country if required. To learn how to switch networks on your phone, consult your phone's manual, check your menu for network setting or call us at: +1-703-222-7161.

    SIM Card Auto Reloads Below Zero Balance Only, When To Manual Reload:

    Each $99.89 auto reload includes about 1.7 hours of outbound whole minutes on the Global Profile when used in Europe and many other popular countries. Your call will NOT be cut off but instead your SIM card will reload with a full reload and you will be sent an email receipt of your credit card reload. To keep airtime from expiring (after 9 months from last reload), please manually order a reload/service extension from our website. Manual Reloads for 9 month service extensions are available from InTouch Smartcards.  Or call +1-703-620-0879 every nine months for a manual reload to extend the validity of your SIM and maintain your credit balance.

    This SIM has been very popular because of auto reload, phone calls are not cut off when balance goes below zero, English prompts and the best rates for a global roaming SIM card with free incoming calls (when called and on int'l 10000 number only) in over 50 countries. Simply add airtime once every 9 months to keep your SmartFree Quattro 44 SIM Card active and balances rolling over. After 15 months of no reloads, your international mobile number is subject to being recycled.

    Optional GPRS/HSDPA DATA:

    Please note that the carrier does not list all available unlocked GSM phones as compatible with this service. We cannot guarantee the correctness or validity of the GPRS settings will auto load and therefore cannot guarantee that the GPRS settings will show up automatically in your phone. APN setting is: mobiledata and no Password is required.

    It is also worth noting that the International SIM may require that GPRS or 3g data services are activated and not "browser locked" to your phone's previous carrier SIM before data services can be accessed via your mobile phone and Global SIM combination. Therefore, you should check your phone to make sure that you have GPRS/data roaming access on your phone before attempting to change GPRS/APN settings on your phone.

    InTouch SmartCards can only provide a limited amount of support configuring these settings. If you are not comfortable changing these settings on your own, please call us before purchasing this SIM if you intend to use data. Make sure your iPhone setting for Network/Cellular Data is turned on when needed and off when not. Your smart phone can establish a data session if data roaming is on and without your knowledge background data will load, your SIM card balance will be debited for all data used and minimum 100K session increments may apply.

    If you need access to mobile 3g data (if no WiFi available), our discount international data roaming rates maybe a less costly than any other international option including WiFi rental. Note that high data usage can use an entire reload or more on one large data session. North American profile PIN 30000 does not offer data, for USA data test use PIN 10000 sparingly (note USA data debit rate). Be aware of when you are on, don't stream video or move large files. Maximize control of your Smartphone by turning international roaming on and off for each use is advisable. Monitor your email for reload notices and you will not come home to any 4 digit bill shock using SmartFree Quattro.

    This can be your first trip abroad where you finally experience much lower international GSM phone service charges!

    To buy the SmartFree Quattro SIM card now, select optional reload to start and select Micro or Full sized SIM card. Most unlocked GSM phones use full sized SIM cards. iPhone 3 + iPhone 3gs use full sized. iPhone 4 / iPhone 4s / iPad and iPad 2 use Micro SIMs. iPhone 5 uses a Nano SIM. You must tell us which one you need or we will ship full sized SIM by default.

    We offer extended daily operating hours and weekends.  For technical support, customer service and coverage information, call us at: +1-703-222-7161 or +1-703-620-0879 after hours Eastern USA. Please leave a detailed message if required.

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