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  Featured Unlocked GSM Phones:
  Most Popular Unlocked GSM Phones:
Motorola Razr V3 GSM Quadband Phone Sony Ericsson P910i GSM Triband Phone

Quad-band GSM phone and only 14 mm thick!  Dual color displays, VGA camera, long-range Bluetooth, MPEG4 video, Java 2.0, 3D graphics and an EL backlit futuristic keypad.  Click Here for details or to order.

Wide choice of input methods: thumb keyboard, five-way Jog Dial and stylus for natural handwriting. Widest array of email and productivity applications with 64MB to handle all this.  Click Here for details or to order.

  Travpak World Phone Bundles:

  The Global Traveler Travpak

  The Executive Travpak

The just right solution for the traveler who is in need of a GSM World Phone that works most everywhere but is on a tight budget.  A great package at an incredible price!

The package includes a global roaming SIM card that offers wireless communication in over 100 countries.  All calls are less than $1 per minute and incoming is just over $0.35 per minute!  The Global Traveler World Phone Travpak is value priced at $199.99Click Here to buy or for more details.

Look what $30 more can do!  The Executive Travpak gives you everything you see in the Global Traveller Travpak with great additional features.  Smaller with improved battery life and SIM toolkit 2 Plus that allows you to use advanced features from your carrier.  Add the GPRS feature to all that and you have a winner.  This phone takes advantage of the latest accessories from Motorola (accessories not included). The Executive World Phone Travpak is value priced at $219.99Click Here to buy or for more details.

  The Enterprise Travpak   The Road Warrior Travpak
Jump into a world of color!  You see the world in color and so should your phone.  Even better, share the colorful world you see with friends and family using the built in camera.  The Enterprise Travpak leaves little to be desired in a wireless phone.  A global GSM World phone with a global roaming SIM and all the features of the Executive Travpak along with color screen, speaker phone, Built-in camera and Blue Tooth.  Value priced at  less that $350!  You will not find a similar bundle for less than $450 anywhere else.  Click Here to purchase or for more details. As if the Enterprise Travpak was not enough, The Road Warrior Travpak adds more technology to give the most coverage you can get in a terrestrial wireless device.  This unique Quadband cell phone from Motorola gives you  850 MHz band coverage in addition to the 900/1800/1900 MHz that are offered in Triband phones.  The additional coverage and the stylish design comes along with all the features listed in the Enterprise Travpak.  While you might expect a package like this to be over $500 we are offering it for only $369.99Click Here to purchase or for more details.

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